Plastics & Ram Mixes

Plastics and Ram Mixes are essentially the same type of refractory. Carolina Refractories manufactures basic, fireclay and high alumina types. CARORAM products are installed by ramming the material in place which allows for ease of installation and requires no forms. For various applications Carolina Refractories produces air setting, phosphate bonded and heat setting plastics. The main difference between plastic and ram mixes are that plastic refractory comes packaged in slices while ram mixes come packaged in their granular form. CARORAM plastic comes furnished in ready to use cartons. The main advantage of plastics and ram mixes is that they are easier to install, jointless, securely anchored and have high ease of installation. When choosing between plastics and ram mixes, plastics are easier to install but have a lower rammed density then ram mixes. Ram mixes are therefore the preferred material selection for high erosion resistance areas.