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The steel industry is by far the largest consumer of refractory products globally. Carolina Refractories has been an industry leading supplier across the steel industry for multiple decades. Steel manufacturing has changed greatly over the past century with the two main production processes. Basic Oxygen Furnace and Electric Arc Furnaces contribute to the production of worldwide steel production. Our dedicated steel representatives can serve our customers’ needs to provide the optimal refractory solutions for every application in a steel mill.

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Carolina Refractories has manufactured and served the Aluminum industry for over 35 years in the southeast. Primary production of Aluminum is the creation of new aluminum, while secondary aluminum is the process of recycling aluminum with bauxite. For both primary aluminum and secondary aluminum processes refractories are needed to withstand abrasion, mechanical impact, and thermal shock resistance. Carolina Refractories can supply a variety of castable refractory products that can be installed to fit your needs.

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Carolina Refractories has served the foundry industry for more then 30 years, while offering a mix of high alumina castables to standard gun mixes. To serve the foundry industry we specialize our products to meet the needs of non-ferrous metals, steel, and iron. Our complete product portfolio can cover a wide range of both temperature and abrasion requirements while also providing heat saving costs for energy. Our team can provide specialized results that cover material selection, production, installation, and delivery to our customers.

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Carolina Refractories has been providing the cement industry with refractory solutions made in the United States for decades. Our experienced sales team can provide top of the line solutions for different applications in the cement industry. Overall, our refractories are proven to stand the pressure and heat when it comes to cement production. Located in Conway, SC we can provide the East Coast with Just in Time inventory to provide the freshest product to our customers.

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Incineration is one of the most demanding refractory applications, however Carolina Refractories brings over 35 years of experience to have a complete product portfolio. Waste incineration requires custom solutions to evaluate thermal shock, thermal conductivity, and mechanical stress to evaluate the best product for each application. Our team of engineers and project managers will develop a customized solution based on your specific customer requirements and can advise on a turnkey solution.

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The power industry is one of the most demanding refractory applications in the modern world. Carolina Refractories provides a complete product line that satisfies the high-performance criteria needed for these high temperature applications. Refractory brick, castables and plastics are used throughout the industry in different sections of power plants. The CAROCAST AND CARORAM product lines offer all the needed features to withstand abrasion and high temperature requirements.

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Carolina Refractories is a supplier to refractory consumers in the modern paper mill. Specifically, the most refractory usage is in the lime rotary kiln and boilers that are used to manufacture paper. Carolina Refractories can provide numerous high performance refractory materials that can withstand the abrasion and high temperature requirements needed inside of paper mills. The CAROROAM, CAROCON, CAROGUN and CAROCAST product line offers advantages to different areas with different refractory requirements.

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